Your Golden Crown - Wonderland, Looking Glass, Vintage Style Book Cover Assemblage. Alice, Cat, Kitten, Painting, Illustration on hand sculpted Clay

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The following passage from Through the Looking-Glass was the inspiration for this piece.  We all have a golden crown, even if we don't remember. :),

""Oh, how glad I am to get here! And what is this on my head?" she exclaimed in a tone of dismay, as she put her hands up to something very heavy, that fitted tight all round her head.

"But how can it have got there without my knowing it?" she said to herself, as she lifted it off, and set it on her lap to make out what it could possibly be.

It was a golden crown."

 (Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll Chapter VIII)

The whole piece is built of hand formed polymer clay and then mounted on a birch cradled panel.  I formed the clay and then added a combination of two illustrations inspired by the original book illustrations by John Tenniel. I wanted to add her two cats, Dinah and the Kitten (both side characters). I added metal hinges and a clasp.  It is a bit difficult to see in the photos but I used touches of gold and copper in the piece that adds a nice shimmer giving it an antiqued, vintage, magical! feel. The whole piece is sealed with mediums and then varnish. 

The panel measures 4 " x 6 " x  1" but with the clay it is slightly larger and about 1 1/2 inches thick.  Since the panel is cradled it is ready to hang right on the wall.  I signed the bottom corner of the painting and it will be stamped and signed on the back. 

I do not have a formula for these creations.  I start with a mood and let the creation take shape. The process makes each piece truly unique and one of a kind. Baked in many stages and finished with a sealant.  All materials are archival, professional grade.  Durable and resilient  and easy to clean if necessary! 

I have been working in a new medium and I am loving the colors and textures.

Made with polymer clay and painted and embellished with many different mediums including pastels, paint, alcohol inks and markers.  

Colors may appear differently depending on your monitor settings.

This is an art object, not meant to be a children's toy.

Ships priority mail with a tracking #.  Packaged in a Kraft Gift Box. Usually ship within one business day.  Ships Free within the US!

Thanks so much for looking and shopping!  If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me!  Blessings! ~ Carrie Joy 

Public Domain Citations for the inspiration for the illustration ((By Джон Тенниел - Алиса в зазеркалье. Оригинальные гравюры Джона Тенниела, Public Domain, and (By Sir John Tenniel -, Public Domain,